Therapeutics Reimagined

A new direction in precision-targeted medicine

Our vision is to revolutionize the treatment of CNS disorders.

By creating a new medical modality of remote-controlled micro-robots called Bionauts™ we can transform the way the biopharmaceutical industry develops treatments, allowing us to engineer the therapeutic index for efficacy and maintain safety.

We are focused on helping patients suffering from debilitating brain diseases who have few available treatment options. The anatomical targeting capabilities of the Bionaut™ platform make new therapeutics technologies such as gene therapy, CRISPR-Cas9 and oncolytic viruses viable in challenging clinical settings.

We have established a set of core principles that guide us:

Focus on disease areas where there is a large unmet medical need, such as glioma and Parkinson’s disease

Apply rigorous scientific standards in all of our research

Stay away from the beaten path